Sunday, October 19, 2008


Wearing F21 striped top, Urban Outfitters tunic, DIYed studded jacket(inside), F21 scarf, Steve Madden boots, Emilie bag, fingerless gloves from H&M, and tights from Walmart.

Winter is coming closer and closer. In New England, it seems like winter is the longest season. Fall seems to be about two months, and then it's over in a jiffy. Why does my favorite season have to be the shortest? It's already dropped to the 40Fs and I'm relying on my little heater in my room because our heat doesn't work yet. Fantastic.

I recommend coming to Boston at least once in your life during the fall. The trees are really pretty in the Common. Yes it does seem like an odd time to go, but hey, at least there's good shopping down the street.

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