Sunday, October 12, 2008

5 hours of hard labor

I am wearing a sleeveless turtleneck from F21, a vintage belt, a skirt from target, gray sheer tights[which you can't really see in the pictures], hand me down handbag and scarf, and sipping a french vanilla iced coffee from dunkies.

Today was again another major shopping day. My mom and I headed over to the mall after waking up at 12pm. I love long weekends. I went straight to Forever 21, very predictable of me. I actually only went to three stores: F21, H&M, and Wet Seal. I got a slouchy gray sweater from F21, which I want to add zippers to get an A.Wang look. But my mom was talking about how difficult it is to put them in.. I'll figure it out. I got this necklace with a little clock on it. Ever since going to Urban Outfitters I wanted some kind of brass colored necklace with a little compass. The cardigan I yearned for at H&M ran out of my size. So then I went over to Wet Seal, which I don't really go to anymore. I just got a white tank for my DIY project.
After SEVERAL hours of long labor on the DIY, I finally got my tank to look like the above. The ruffles/rosettes took forever. I wanted to add more but it would take a century, so I left it at that. I also added a thin band at the bottom to give it a bit of shape. The picture isn't that great, so I'll debut it soon in my next entry.
Have I mentioned my love for Dunkies? Unlike others, I'm not much of a Starbucks person. I got a Cafe Mocha yesterday and it wasnt exactly heaven. The blueberry lowfat loaf was super sugary, which was weird. I guess it's just those substitute sugars..yuck. Sorry to all the Starbucks fans. Just not a huge fan myself. I really need another iced coffee..


Shen-Shen said...

I love the skirt and WOW that tank is amazing!!

Petra said...

Love the last image! You look like you were having so much fun :)

Isn't shopping with your mother so much fun!? So grateful for mothers.

Cute skirt, love how you paired it with those boots. x

Anonymous said...