Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've been feeling more and more attracted to Zac Posen's flowy fabrics and silhouettes. Very pretty and feminine. I saw a lot of sheer and delicate whites. For me right now, I'm more into monotonious colors, not really feeling pops of color yet. Probably because it's fall and winter will come soon after. Maybe I'll change my mind then.

I can not wait until the weekend. I'm trying to save my money and splurge it at H&M soon, especially on my gray cardigan. I need it. A new handbag wouldn't hurt either.

Here's my to-buy list:
  • gray knit tights[the warmer the better]
  • that gray cardigan
  • new handbag; preferably one I saw at h&m, burgundy color
  • another full skirt. i can't help myself.
  • some vintage jewelry or vintage inspired
  • shoes..


Wendy said...

I actually need most of the stuff from your list. And definitely shoes...

KATLIN said...

I love that second look! The yellow + gray combo is amazing! And anything slouchy/drapey is a winner for me.

Ashleigh said...

Grey cardi is a must =)...I just found mine at a thrift store...semi oversized and its at the dry cleaners...will feature it on blog soon =)....have s\fun shopping this weekend...H&M is always a good little pick me up fashion fix...esp when you are on a budget...well and thrift stores


zac posen... i die.
what i wouldn't do for a dress designed by him

gray cardi=necessity
full skirt=necessity
vintage jewelry= necessity
shoes like we even need to discuss that